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Wentwell Brewery turns to crowdfunding to upgrade their kit.

Posted on 19/06/2015, in Articles, Derbyshire, Real Ale Blog, with 0 Comments

Successful Derby-based Wentwell Brewery have launched a crowd-funding campaign to finance upgrades to their existing equipment. Set up in 2010 and having already self-financed a move from a 0.5 BBL kit located in a domestic garage to a 2.5 BBL plant, Wentwell also has 2 pubs of its own and would like to be in a position where it can not only meet demand from its own outlets, but also supply its beers to the wider free trade. In this case, rather than again upgrading their kit to something larger…

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Easy, tiger! Everards U-turn in Elixir IP Bullying PR Piss-Up.

Posted on 04/03/2014, in Articles, Leicestershire, with 0 Comments

Earlier today I was shocked to read this article in which it was made clear that Leicester brewery Everards was on the verge of driving a small independent Scottish brewery out of business over the most phenomenally overzealous intellectual property issue, and something you’d expect to see from the likes of Starbucks rather than a family-run British brewery that seemingly prides itself on traditional values. Elixir Brew Co was seemingly facing extinction over trademark issues – Everards filing a trademark application brought about by the release of a seasonal ale…

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A Guide to UK and US Hop Varieties

Posted on 08/11/2012, in Articles, with 0 Comments
Hops - The Grapes of Beer!

What are hops and how are they used in brewing ale? Hops are in many ways the equivalent to real ale that grapes are to wine. They are grown on vines in many areas of the world and can reach up to 20ft in height. They were originally cultivated in China and are part of the Humulus lupulus hop species. Although originating in China, hops were not used in the brewing process until approximately AD 900 and oddly the first written account of brewing using hops was reportedly made by…

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