If you are unsure about a particular feature or don’t know how to perform an action on the site please check below for answers and explanations relating to popular areas of the site.

If we have not covered your questions in our FAQ, please feel free to send your question to us via our contact us form.

General Questions

What is ale.org.uk?

We have created ale.org.uk as a site devoted to real ale aficionados from all perspectives, be that consumer, brewer or publican. We feature regular commentary on the industry, articles, news, reviews on cask & keg ale, bottled ale and real ale pubs with no hidden agenda or political angle. All of our reviews and writing is as apolitical as possible.

In addition we have a social area on the site where likeminded individuals can comment and create groups based upon specific real ale interests. In order to use these features you need to sign up for a free account at http://www.ale.org.uk/register

Think of the real ale community area as a “Facebook for real ale.”

How do I join the ale.org.uk community?

Simple. You just need to complete the short web form located at http://www.ale.org.uk/register for a free account.

Can I submit my own articles or reviews for inclusion on the site?

Please do. We are always happy to receive submissions provided that they have been written to a good standard and they are informative. All submissions can be sent through our contact page at http://www.ale.org.uk/contact

If we choose to publish the submission we will be happy to credit you as the writer.

Community Questions

What are groups in the ale.org.uk community?

Groups work in very similar ways to the groups that you will find on social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

Any registered member can create a group or multiple groups based upon specific real ale interests. These could be based on a specific pub, location, brewery, type of ale – basically anything within the realms of real ale.

Groups can be public, private or hidden invitation only affairs and they offer the ability for members to send messages to each other and view a central group feed (just like on Facebook) that contains group messages for all group members to see and comment upon.

What groups currently exist?

You can view all the current groups by visiting the groups directory page at http://www.ale.org.uk/groups/

If one of the groups is of interest to you, why not join, or alternatively create your own group and invite your friends to join you.

How do I find a particular member?

You can search for your friends on ale.org.uk by using the search facility on the http://www.ale.org.uk/members/ page.

If you found this interesting please consider signing up for a free account to become part of the ale.org.uk community.